MarieAmethyst (so_obsessed) wrote,

The Little Mermaid layout (Requested: wingsofdreams)

[ mood| sleepy ]

Upload images to your own server. Please don't direct link (I change the links randomly to prevent it anyway). =)

Page Layout Styles:
Most Recent: Generator
Friends View: Generator
Calendar: Generator
Day View: Generator

Custom Colors:
Page background: #39B7FF
Page text: #FFFFFF
Page link: #003D60
Page visited link: #003D60
Page active link: #003D60
Page emphasized text: #FFFFFF
Page title: #0074B6
Weak accent #003D60
Text on weak accent: #FFFFFF
Strong accent: #0074B6
Text on strong accent: #FFFFFF
Stronger accent: #0074B6
Text on stronger accent #FFFFFF


Images: (Save to your own server as stated above.)

Header: (upload to

Spacer: (highlight to see)


Please credit either so_obsessed or marieamethyst in your user profile! It's not that hard to do, and it makes me happy. =)

Example: Layout made by so_obsessed.

See? Easy. ;D

Credits/Notes: Brushes used are listed in profile. Fonts used are Georgia and Infiltrace.
Tags: layouts, requested, the little mermaid
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  • 24 comments pretty!
Thanks! ^_^
Hey, when I was putting this down on my LJ, the picture didn't work. But everything else did. And I don't know how to fix it. Maybe there is something wrong with the HTML you have put in?
Lol, you have to upload the images to some kind of server first, like or I mentioned it twice in the post above. =)
Can you make me a Kingdom Hearts layout? Jaqqi would most appreciate it!!!!!! <3
Please refer to this post about making requests. =)
once again..awesome layout V.V *nods*
Thanks =)
SO cute
Thank you! ^_^
oohhhhh that is SO pretty, and it goes perfectly with an icon i have already ;)
not sure that i'll use it, cause i didn't want to do another ariel layout again... but i might change my mind, because i love it so much! LOL.
Lol, feel free to later if you change your mind. =)
Oh, how beautiful! You make such amazing layouts.
Thanks! ^_^
i looooove it now that i figured how to work it! um can i have a f.o banner too plz?
Sure, I'll work on it in a bit. =)

If you can't tell by the journal name. XD Affiliate pretty please?
ACK! I swear I thought I added you to the list forever ago! ;___; I'm sorry Jay-chan, you're definitely added now. ^___^
i absolutely love this layout. shes my fav.
Thank you! =)
Aww this is adorable! I'm definatly saving with Credit!!
taking will credit:)
saved will credit
This is amazing!!!
My journal is going to be SO pretty!!
Thank you very much, I will credit!!