MarieAmethyst (so_obsessed) wrote,

Bring Me That Horizon (Requested: piratesaku)

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Page Layout Styles:
Most Recent: Generator
Friends View: Generator
Calendar: Generator
Day View: Generator

Custom Colors:
Page background: #9E987E
Page text: #FFFFFF
Page link: #64604E
Page visited link: #64604E
Page active link: #64604E
Page emphasized text: #FFFFFF
Page title: #C4AD88
Weak accent #9E987E
Text on weak accent: #FFFFFF
Strong accent: #C4AD88
Text on strong accent: #FFFFFF
Stronger accent: #C4AD88
Text on stronger accent blank


Images: (Save to your own server as stated above.)

Header: (upload to


Please credit either so_obsessed, marieamethyst, or Amethyst Sea Designs in your user profile! It's not that hard to do, and it makes me happy. =)

Example: Layout made by so_obsessed.

See? Easy. ;D

Credits/Notes: Pirates of the Caribbean is owned by Disney. Fonts used are jey and Pixelicious.
Tags: layouts, pirates of the caribbean, requested
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